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A Brand is actually a living enthity which has a soul, mind, body, clothes, accesories and a unique personality and you have to nurture each and every part, for it to be succesfull.



Desire and determination should start from the soul to can reach the soul. A brand is animated with emotions, wishes, ideals just like a human being. As is natural, everyone has a purpose in this world, everyone wishes to be unique, memorable, but most of all, appreciated. A motivated brand starts to conquer the society, establishing clearly the ideal, analyzing realistic the intentions, measuring exactly the resources .



Having a real vision of what an intelligent brand propose to undertake, next step is to investigate, to inform itself, to analyze opportunities, but also the threats to become workable and profitable. Intuitive, but also strategic, an intelligent brand also thinks how to do to aim for a high position in a world of Business and when it will be in the top of success, will understand that the maintaining and the balance also need a plan.



The first and the most important strategy is to attract the customer. An attractive brand understood that the first visual contact with the customer is foremost in their subsequent relationships. That’s why, it will highlight trough the most beautiful outfits, and it will become perfectly by choosing the right accessories. An attractive brand will chose his own appropriate and original style to highlight his strengths and to distinguish itself from the crowd. It will also pay attention from the most important to the smallest detail and when it feels that his presence is not catching anymore, it will redefine or seek to surprise with trendy new accessories. That’s because an attractive brand always knows that meeting with client leads to the mind and then to the soul.



Well determined, intelligent, impeccable, a brand is completely defined, by a selfsame personality. An ideal brand knows and feels that a real strong personality must be constantly proven because costumer expectations are multiple and different. That’s why every action, every word is meant to empathize, to charm, determining the client not only to fall in love, but to remain faithful.

Sorin GradinaruProject Manager


Great experience of life, incredible honest, with a large view of market, I am always prepared for new challenges.My favorite: Amazing ideas adapted in a tight budget with exceptional results!

Sebastian PetrinaArt Director


Great ideas comes from understanding life itself and living it with passion. The bottom line is that i love to make the usual unusual, the familiar unfamiliar and the ordinary extraordinary.

Andrei TimofteGraphic Designer


It takes a good designer to create something from scratch, but it takes a passionate one to make it count. I always focusing on the details in the pursuit of the bigger picture.

Cici PavaloiDesign Consultant


Creative without strategy is called 'art'. Creative with strategy is called 'advertising'.

Evelina ZaporojanuCopywriter


More important than what you say is how you say it! I know to use a word as the most powerful weapon, but most of all, I transform a word into the most gentle caress.

Andreea CostandacheAccount manager


Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies.

What We Do

Your clients love conversations, not Ads. That’s why we change the way how you should accomplish the client’s expectations.


Strategy and planning services
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning

  • Communication Strategy

  • Business Requirements and Planning

  • Media Research, Analysis

  • Media Planning

  • Brand Experience Design

  • Social Media Strategy

Marketing and Advertising Services
  • Branding

  • Integrated Campaigns

  • "BIG Idea" Concept

  • Media Planning and Placement

  • Touchpoint Experiences

  • Live Event Experiences

  • Social Marketing Programs

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Rich Media and Banner Development

Website Solution
  • Website Design and Implementation

  • Brand Marketing and Destination Sites

  • Corporate Websites

  • Self-Service, Support and Ecommerce sites

  • Product Launch and Campaign Microsites

  • Content Management Design and Implementation

  • Website Performance Optimization


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Live is made for living! This is the motto on wich this promissing project is based on, so for it to work, we had to really put our minds into it and come up with creative and functional solutions, and also we had to use the latest web and mobile technologies.


This project is based on the human needs. It brings security, diversity, connection and apreciation to it's users by offering them a large variety of coupons, events, discounts and a new revolutionary way of Real-Life interaction. The machanism on wich it works is simple and intuitive and it's only pourpose is to make life easy. The user can begin his experience on mogombo by checking in diffrent places and making new Real-Live friends. The more active the user is, the more he will be rewarded and apreciated by the local businesses willing to give out special offers to targeted consumers. The best news is that it has lots of cool futures such as: challanges, invites, boost and others, wich help alot when the user tries to initiate a conversation with a Real=Live Friend.

Client: Mogombo
Build: March 16, 2013
Category: Mobile App & Website


We don't have big or small clients. We have only important clients.


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